Suitable and unique dress for western and Chinese weddings.

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Suitable and unique dress for western and Chinese weddings

Weddings are becoming less and less for attire and more and more about the party. But that doesn't really mean you can show up with whatever you want.You still want to be respectful to the couple and the ceremony they are having, so when thinking what to wear to a wedding, be it Western or Chinese, keep the following tips and advice in mind.
The most crucial thing to remember when shopping for a wedding is that you want to look relaxed and elegant, but you don't want to distract the couple or attract attention for the wrong reasons.That is why we advise that you use the wording of the invitation or the time of year to determine your wedding dress.

For those attending western style wedding, here are some types of dresses to choose from
Who said western clothes are not pretty enough for a wedding? While some weddings require black ties and formal long dresses, others may need cowboy boots and wrangler jeans. It all depends on the environment. In fact, in 2009, only 2% of couples in the United States chose to have their Wedding in a stable, on a farm,or on a ranch;but in 2017 this number Jumped to 15%.If you've been invited to a barn wedding, it might be time to pull out some western cowboy clothing for a wedding.

Here are five trends to try when you go to a western wedding 
1. The A-shaped silhouette
Nothing makes you feel more feminine and comfortable than an elegantly feminine A-line silhouette! The perfect balance between modern style and classic tiloring, an A-line silhouette brings you a stylish and beautiful look.Timeless in appearance, this glamorous look will not only make you feel regal; it will also offer you the desired relief you need for a daytime country look.

2. Daytime flowers
Keep the shape of the country in a flirty floral prom dress at your next wedding!While it is an obvious choice, the floral dress is a great way to encapsulate and complement the country spirit instantly. For an indulgent and ethereal vibe, opt for a pastel print and delicately draped fabric textures. To complete your feminine and floral look, add a pair of suede wedges (perfect for a very grassy surface).

3. The dress with a collar
Sweeten your style with a beautiful dress with a classic collar. Known as the classical "Chanel signature" look, a high neck dress will make you feel timeless while keeping up with an ll-round elegant fashion trend Get a luxurious semi-formal day look, perfect for your next wedding function Balance your overall look with a distinctive sleeve design and a short hemline.

4. perfect folds
Do you consider yourself the "avant-garde fashionista" in your group? Not sold for the obvious choice of soft, flowing flowers and classic A-line skirts?Then this is for you! For a slightly more new touch, add a textured crease.This will offer you a dynamic communication and a somewhat more evolved contemporary style. Keep it fresh and sassy at your next with a plethora of pleats!

5. Relaxed maxi cut
Indulge yourself in an opulent long free-flowing gown for your next country wedding! Known as the all-over boho garment, the maxi dress can give you the laid back daytime look you want. The key to sporting this luxurious style during the day is making sure your maxi skirt is the right space for your height and body shape. Also, selecting a type with a central front vent will add comfort and ease of movement. For an ethereal-inspired look,choose a maxi in green tones and for an extra touch of femininity, add a fedora decorated with flowers!

For Those Attending Chinese Style Wedding, here are some dress trends to choose from
Chinese weddings, like Western ones, are unique in their own way. Some weddings tend to be a lot more traditional with wedding parades and ceremonies, while some have more contemporary and westernized traditions. While Chinese weddings can be a bit more complicated than conventional Western weddings, they are still easy to position, even if it's your first time.

The most common question is what do you wear to a Chinese wedding. It's safe to say, don't wear red. Most brides will have a lot of outfit changes,with red being one of the dresses, if not the main one. Guests should avoid wearing red as this could look like a backstage bride or competing for attention. You don't want to be viewed as rude to the bride! Don't wear black or white.These colour are often used in Chinese funerals and signify death and mourning. It is considered unlucky, so it is best to avoid wearing these colour. However, black or white accents are great! Purple warm hues and pink long dress are great options to wear,  as these colour represent the new life the couple will take on. If you can, check with the couple to see how formal the wedding will be before buying their gown or gown.

Some outfit ideas to try when going to a Chinese wedding 
1. Sweet pink ruched dress
This is a V neck cross backless ball gown, V neck, long flapping pleats ruched chiffon bridesmaid dresses, side lighting split wedding dresses, back zipper floor length, fully lined with built-in bra:It is perfect for proms, weddings, graduations, homecoming parties, celebrity red carpet, evening parties, bridesmaids, parties, or other special occasions.

2. Elegant off-the-shoulder formal long dresses
This is a stylish and modern formal dress with off the shoulders, short sleeves and a princess seam bodice. It is perfect to wear to anniversary. dinners, weddings, weddings, proms, bridesmaids, gala, black tie, fancy dinners and other formal occasions

3.Chinese Style High Neck Cheongsam Tassel Short Sleeve Formal Dress
This dress is a combination of traditional Chinese cheongsam and modem fashion clothing, making you more elegant and charming. Comfortable and soft to the touch, very suitable for everyday wear, new look, new you! You could dress it up with heels and a cardigan or leggings, it highlights the beauty of classic and elegant. It is perfect for weddings, parties, work, casual / daily wear.

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